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Corporate culture

       Enterprise mission: committed to research and application of the laser industry with superior products and services to meet customer needs, improve the quality of the industry.
       Enterprise spirit: respect, dedication, innovation, and efficient.
The Hiromitsu the spirit of enterprise will first of all King, dedicated on the home page, which tells the employees, the employees are the company's core, so as to get the love of the staff of the enterprise. Subsequently referred to the innovative, efficient, meaning that Hiromitsu aimed at the pursuit of high-tech, high-speed, layers, and every step of the development direction.
       Corporate character: sincere and trustworthy. To do business as a man, only a sincere and trustworthy to have a partner, to get customer acceptance.
       Purpose of science and technology: technology incubation industry, innovation ensure that the advantages of technology to serve the community.
       Brand concept: the core values ​​of the brand ---- relentless pursuit of technical innovation and product quality.
       The corporate culture is not equal to the brand culture, brand culture to reflect the corporate culture and brand culture is the most able to attract  customers.Hiromitsu brand culture is serious and responsible product innovation and product quality, customer demand for formulation, development.
       Service tenet: customer first, quality first.
      Service commitments: day commitment, and trustworthiness centuries.
      Hiromitsu not only the principle of service into the corporate culture, commitment to service into the corporate culture, to inform the staff to advise customers, Hiromitsu will always be customers as God, to make the staff to customer requirements mainly in order to create the most suited to customer requirements high quality products.

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