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  • Laser welding application plate Diego2012-05-28

    Laser welding than conventional arc welding can be smaller, deeper weld. In addition to this advantage, the laser welding using a laser beam, small splash circumstances, a small heat-affected zone, will not damage the mechanical properties…

  • The IPG shine Munich Shanghai laser, optoelectronics Show off2012-05-28

    IPG, as the world leader in the fiber laser industry dress recently unveiled at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre organized by the Munich Shanghai laser, optoelectronics exhibition. Concern, and public. During the exhibition, the I…

  • BWT high-power fiber laser pump source on the application of2012-05-28

    BWT Beijing's technology with its unique and innovative technology, excellent product performance, as well as active and effective marketing services by domestic and foreign customers. Important part of the 2011 Beijing BWT product strategy…

  • Fiber laser cutting foil stainless steel technology for custo2012-05-28

    Fiber laser cutting foil stainless steel technology for customers to plug in wings Division has developed G3015F, G4020F, G8020F represent the third generation of laser cutting machine in the past three years, in various industries has been…

  • The laborers Laser Fiber laser marking machine2012-05-28

    LSF10 Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine independent research and development of fiber lasers with pulse width, high peak power, built-in light separated from the fear of high anti-features. Traditional optical isolator technology will resu…

  • Laser cutting of steel plate a number of process issues2012-05-28

    Laser cutting machine is the advanced equipment for processing sheet metal parts, a substantial increase in labor productivity, with a high accuracy of machining parts, short processing cycle, as well as traditional stamping dies processing…

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