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Laser welding application plate Diego

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Laser welding than conventional arc welding can be smaller, deeper weld. In addition to this advantage, the laser welding using a laser beam, small splash circumstances, a small heat-affected zone, will not damage the mechanical properties of the material, the material absorbs heat, the deformation is small, precise positioning, easy automation and so on.
In recent years, laser welding is more and more applications in the metal plate combination of most of the docking plate and splicing. Relative to docking with the stitching, Diego welding using laser welding to consider when conditions are different. Docking and splicing, welding depth may be only in a single thickness of the plate to consider, Diego welding, welding thickness is the thickness of the two plates add up the welding depth is to consider the sum of the depth, rather than single one material thickness. Laser Diego welding processing is another important issue is: gripping material, including the gap of the material, alignment, flatness (thermal deformation), back blow.
Flatbed products which need to 2mm below the weld bead width, and not a straight line, traditional welding can not provide good were thin bead, another in welders method also more difficult to turn machining path. On the material. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of SUS316 stainless steel, brazing, due to copper and stainless steel brazing strength is insufficient, and the joints susceptible to corrosion, resulting in damage; shift of TIG, MIG, due to the heat input phenomenon, there will be severely deformed joint area also needs more; resistance welding is because the surface of the concave and convex shape, not suitable for production and must therefore be precise laser welding.
Schematic diagram of laser Diego welding, laser welding disconnected Figure, laser welding breakdown
Schematic diagram of a slab laser Diego welding, rugged structural design due to the surface of the plate, retained the weld is only 2mm width, therefore the need for precise welding control to meet the demand. 1064nm wavelength Nd: YAG laser focused beam diameter of 0.8mm or so, and in particular to avoid the next bump structure, its height must be less than 50% of the focal length of the laser optics, in order to avoid interference beam processing. Second, initial laser welding the bad product. Adjusted parameters can be excellent achievements of four.
Figure 4, excellent welding results of

Laser is iterative, the hostage difficult due to the appearance of the finished product makes it impossible to test the tensile strength of the tensile machine. Therefore, the weld profile Metallographic and microhardness analysis, testing the quality of the weld. Figure V test results for the first time, the etching solution of CuSO4 of HCl water on corrosion in 4 minutes. Welding results can be seen completely throughout the welding trail surface width of 800μm, 200μm, the bottom of the width of the bottom due to cooling and air cladding problems residues in a small hole.
Figure five, finished the first metallographic examination Figure 6, finished second metallographic examination Figure 7, the micro-hardness test
Adjust the parameters after the second welding results in Figure VI can see from Figure 6, the weld is also showing on wider at the characteristics of the same completely through the Its hardness tester on the overall transverse hardness test weld, you can find the results in Figure 7, the hardness of the weld is higher than the parent material, so you can estimate the strength of the weld should be higher than the original parent material.
The above experiments can be seen, the laser used in the surface of concave and convex structure of the metal plate Diego welding will be encountered because of the impact of the structure to accommodate the situation of the laser parameters, carefully choose the laser types, adjust the laser beam is focused optical energy parameters, material clamp, auxiliary gas supply to achieve the requirements of the plate process, and after tests found a good finished product results, the above results can provide reference to industry to learn from.




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