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Industry News

The IPG shine Munich Shanghai laser, optoelectronics Show off

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IPG, as the world leader in the fiber laser industry dress recently unveiled at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre organized by the Munich Shanghai laser, optoelectronics exhibition.
Concern, and public.
During the exhibition, the IPG fiber laser as the representatives of the third generation of lasers to much the concern of all the participants. State Ministry of Industry Vice Minister Liu Lihua, and Shanghai Municipal leaders inspected the IPG booth, this low-carbon fiber lasers, efficient, energy-saving advanced green technology to give a great deal of attention, and IPG in the Chinese market to promote to give a high degree of recognition and support.
New gains award
The show, IPG launched a number of new, high praise and recognition of the market and industry experts, scholars, and leading the direction of the fiber laser industry. Among them, the laser magazine joint Munich Trade Fair Center launched the "2010 China Excellent optical products selection of IPG's new quasi-continuous QCW high pulse energy fiber lasers to obtain the" Innovation of the Year Award ", YLS-10000W power fiber lasers has also been named "best popular products. Coincidentally, QCW fiber lasers in the United States January 16, 2011 in San Francisco organized by SPIE, Industrial Laser Prism Award. Dr. Gu Bo, general manager of IPG (Beijing), said: We are very pleased to see that the company developed products not only loved by the users, also won praise from international experts, so that we can stand out from the many outstanding candidates. We were able to honor, and also due to our continuous exploration and innovation in the laser field. IPG fiber lasers for industrial applications will continue to maintain its leading, innovative technology, progress has been made.

Report many exciting after another
Show many products at the same time, the general manager of the IPG (Beijing) Dr. Gu Bo for many wonderful professional report, has also become a major highlight of the show, so that a more comprehensive understanding of IPG fiber laser to develop the Chinese market in the last year. industry, new areas, new applications and IPG launched to adapt to the market development of new products and new services. Mentioned in the report of the "quasi-continuous QCW Joule level pulse energy fiber lasers and applications", the electro-optical conversion efficiency of up to 30% of the QCW fiber lasers can cover all currently on the market efficiency is only 3% of the traditional lamp pumped YAG laser processing field not only processed faster, and more perfect, and the only air-cooled. Compact size of only 19'' chassis QCW laser its unique innovation is reflected in its application of a smaller, longer life pumped semiconductor laser is the best alternative to the aging of the lamp-pumped YAG laser choice. "High average power fiber laser carved deep processing the emphasis to introduce 1mJ YLP series of high average power can be easily in steel, ceramic, and gold, silver, copper and high-reflection materials for processing; very easily integrated into OEM systems, for example, be integrated into the two-dimensional and three-dimensional deep carving processing system. This series of products provide high peak power (up 10kW) and high average power (up to 100W) 120ns laser pulse output. The output power increases, so that the end-user to achieve a higher material removed rate, and improve the processing efficiency. Mentioned in the application of the fiber laser is the latest progress in the Chinese welding field and fiber laser sheet metal cutting "the report, the fiber laser has been widely accepted by the sheet metal industry. Cutting aspects of the third generation of fiber lasers is becoming the mainstream of laser cutting machine laser light source, and by virtue of its unique advantages, simple, reliable, efficient, save money instead of the traditional CO2 laser, is becoming a rising star and leader of the sheet metal industry; welding of the fiber laser with its extremely high beam quality has become recognized as the first choice for laser welding area.
Professional to lead the course training
The picture shows the IPG (Beijing) Dr. Gu Bo, general manager of professional training
By the laser magazine and Munich, the invitation of the Shanghai Exhibition Co., Ltd., general manager of the IPG (Beijing) Dr. Gu Bo taught the identity of the experts to the domestic fiber laser industry colleagues, and scholars to share their insights on the fiber laser high power fiber lasers . During this training, Dr. Gu first a brief introduction to the principles and technical advantages of high power fiber lasers. This latest development of unique laser light source technology and engineering, while technically beyond the traditional laser technology to bring customers a tremendous cost-effectiveness, cost fiber laser and other technologies, such as such as ion EDM or the electronic processing of the competition. And then will introduce the product range of high power fiber lasers, in particular to recommend two products, First YLP series of high average power of 50W, 100W fiber laser, two is the ideal replacement upgrade of the YAG laser quasi continuous QCW high pulse energy fiber lasers . The third part, the focus of this training, Dr. Gu fiber laser compared with traditional laser obtained green technology in various fields of automobiles, ships, aerospace, rail transportation, petroleum energy and industry processing application advantages, as well as the release obtained from the laboratory and manufacturing areas of the latest laser cutting, welding, cladding and rapid prototyping of data.
This training, Dr. Gu Bo, with its vast knowledge conquered all the participants in the scene, a student said: "All along Dr. Gu Bo is a successful businessman, but changed my views through training, I think he more academic skills of a knowledgeable expert. "
Today's world, technology has no boundaries. IPG's mission is to bring in Europe and the United States market after many years of test and mature industrial fiber laser domestic manufacturers more competitive in the economic globalization today. I believe kept informed of the IPG fiber laser with the Government and the domestic market and recognition, as well as localization of the IPG in the Chinese market, fiber lasers such low-carbon, efficient, energy-efficient technology is bound for domestic aerospace, rail transportation, car manufacturing, sheet metal processing and other key industries to bring new green revolution!



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