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BWT high-power fiber laser pump source on the application of

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BWT Beijing's technology with its unique and innovative technology, excellent product performance, as well as active and effective marketing services by domestic and foreign customers.
Important part of the 2011 Beijing BWT product strategy, new 9xxnm-100W pump source power density is further increased, the range of products available wavelengths include 915 + /-10nm, 940 + /-10nm, 976 + / 3nm band, using 105μm/NA0.22 fiber fiber output power up to 100W, the device includes a 1040nm-1100nm band anti-reflection function, to provide more protection for the fiber laser. BWT Beijing's proprietary package coupling structure for the product, multiple semiconductor lasers single-tube coupling into a single 105μm core diameter fiber, the coupling efficiency of 85% or more. Not only to fill the blank of the field of semiconductor laser high brightness, high stability, and also expanded the choice of the majority of users in the field of fiber laser pump source, medicine and material processing. After nearly 10 years of technology development, BWT Beijing for its attention to the semiconductor laser technology in the market to establish a leading position, and now the successful development of the 9xxnm-100W high-brightness semiconductor laser product line, marking the BWT Beijing the goal of "doing world-class laser manufacturers" an important step.
At the same time, the conference held on March 16, 2010, the important achievements of the Chinese optical and excellent product ", BWT Beijing's self-developed the Gemini Series 9xxnm high brightness semiconductor lasers and ants the series 9xxnm semiconductor laser, respectively, won the innovative products of the Year "and" Best Choice Product Award "awards. BWT Beijing was established eight years, the strategic objectives of transfer from foreign markets to the domestic market, independent technical innovation, and mastered the core technology of high power semiconductor lasers, and the successful development and to quantify the production of more than 100 models of semiconductor lasers. Internationally competitive product performance indicators, as well as successive years of rapid growth in turnover, already showed that BWT Beijing in a leading position in the field of high-brightness semiconductor lasers.
Laser market in China has developed rapidly in recent years, has become one of the largest export target market of photonics products. Exhibition held in the same period of the Sixth International application of laser technology seminars and the Sixth National Laser Technology Conference, BWT Beijing's High optical output for high-brightness semiconductor lasers has made a wonderful report, colleagues and industry experts and customers jointly explore the development of semiconductor lasers, and promote cooperation and exchanges in scientific research and industrial applications such as photovoltaic technology.

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