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Fiber laser cutting foil stainless steel technology for custo

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Fiber laser cutting foil stainless steel technology for customers to plug in wings
Division has developed G3015F, G4020F, G8020F represent the third generation of laser cutting machine in the past three years, in various industries has been the application of large-scale, praised by users. The fiber laser has a unique light-emitting mechanism in wavelength, beam mode, beam transmission, electro-optical conversion rate with outstanding features. These excellent features, making the fiber laser cutting machine, cutting speed, cutting quality, running costs, equipment maintenance, compared with traditional CO2 laser cutting machine more technical advantages.
Fiber laser has its own characteristics, the film cut stainless steel technology with the traditional CO2 laser compared to, but also very different. Process R & D in the fiber laser cutting side, put a lot of money, energy and time, made a systematic study has made more than 20 fiber-optic laser cutting technology achievements. These results laid the basis of fiber laser cutting machine G3015F, G4020F, G8020F scale market applications, customers of various industries to cut different materials, different thicknesses, different technological requirements of parts to provide a solid support. Will be introduced here is the fiber laser cutting foil stainless steel technology.
As early as three years ago, the technology R & D department will be fiber laser cutting foil stainless steel technology, the technology research, included in the first process R & D projects. Process R & D department to actively research organizations rely on personnel, equipment, advantages, and the cutting process has been accumulated over the years and built up the database, only three months time, made substantial breakthrough. These breakthroughs, improve customer productivity, cutting parts of the surface quality, and satisfaction of customers' markets.
For example, many customers cutting brushed or mirror stainless steel, generally need to bring film cutting. CO2 laser cutting, you can use the process to achieve the "first cut film, the second cut". Fiber laser because of its shorter wavelength, only 1.06um, it is difficult to be absorbed by the non-metallic materials in the cutting of stainless steel foil, often anti-residue cut impervious, high anti-alarm negative phenomena such as the cutting quality and normal producing a great impact. Make the melting of the surface film, need to rely on laser reflection on the steel plate heat will not be able to power a small cut through the film; power from the spokes damaged plate surface; first cutting and very unstable; surface film also can easily be blown. Clearly, the traditional CO2 laser cutting process can not be achieved film stainless steel cutting.
R & D characteristics of the fiber laser cutting has 330 several experiments to improve the cutting process in the system based on fiber micro-physical processes, after repeated testing studies, and gradually mastered the process of pulse cutting foil stainless steel and integrated process improvement, forming a film of stainless steel fiber laser cutting technology.
The technology cutting film formation process is very stable, completely solve the anti-residue, high anti-alarm, the surface film formation, cutting instability and a series of technical problems, cutting efficiency than the CO2 laser "second cut" twice as fast or more. G3015F, G4020F G8020F Series fiber laser cutting machine successfully entered the household appliances, elevator manufacturing, refrigeration machinery, food and food machinery industry, plug in the wings, but also for the majority of stainless steel processing users faster, lower operating costs fiber cutting new technology, economic efficiency and better "bring a huge return on investment.
The following are three kinds of film where Purcell RoyalTek RoyalTek 6203, 6238

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