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Industry News

The laborers Laser Fiber laser marking machine

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Traditional optical isolator technology will result in about 10% of the loss of laser energy, our independent research and development of fiber lasers with polarization-independent optical isolator technology, the energy loss of only 1%. Usually with a light across the fiber laser can only output power of 9W, 10W fiber laser can output to 9.9W.
In addition, the monochrome LSF10 Series fiber laser marking machine good lens reflection energy loss is small, good processing quality spectra comprehensive superior to other brands.
Excellent beam quality, LSF10 Series fiber laser marking machine for precision, fine marking a very compact size, easy handling, the smallest can reach 1/10 of ordinary laser marking machine, able to adapt to the processing location is constantly changing the requirements of portable products.
This product is launched, it was highly praised by the market, are widely used: electronic components, electrical products, plumbing fittings, IT industry, medical equipment and low voltage electrical appliances, auto parts, precision machinery, hardware products, gifts jewelry and other industry.
Always locate the "laborers", HG Laser for many years to devote themselves to build their own core technology platform, through these years of hard research, laborers laser has completely mastered the core fiber laser technology, by actual customers of thousands of devices run, the performance and stability of the laser has equivalent or even superior to similar foreign products. LSF10 Series fiber laser marking machine can replace the lamp-pumped semiconductor side-pumped laser marking machine has become the flagship model of the field of industrial marking, and broke the foreign fiber laser technology monopoly and price fixing.
Through technical innovation, the Chinese laborers laser greatly reduces the threshold of domestic users purchasing fiber laser marking machine, take the lead in promoting the adjustment of product structure of the laser industry, the first demonstration in the laser industry response to the call of the national energy saving, fiber laser marking machine is an alternative to traditional laser The standard machine time has come.

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